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Carbon dioxide and Cell Division
  • C. Sorokin
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
  • 1 September 1964
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A Reversible Inhibition of Photosynthesis in Synchronized Cultures of Algae
STEADY-STATE algal suspensions have been a favourite subject in studies of inhibitory effects of light on photosynthesis1–5. Light intensities several times higher than the intensity of full sunlightExpand
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Inhibition of Cell Division by Carbon Dioxide
A DEMONSTRATION of utilization of carbon dioxide by propionic acid bacteria1 drastically changed the long-entertained idea that carbon dioxide played only an indirect part in heterotrophic growth, byExpand
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Carbon dioxide and Cell Division
CARBON dioxide has been reported to exert an inhibitory effect on cell division. Cell division in Chlorella cells suspended in darkness in distilled water was arrested by bubbling through an algalExpand
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Herpes-like Epstein–Barr Virus in Leprosy
THE herpes-like virus (HLV), first detected1 in lymphoid cell cultures derived from Burkitt's lymphoma tissue, has been suggested as the causative agent of diseases such as Burkitt's lymphomaExpand
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Effects of Illuminance near and below light Saturation on the Time Course of Photosynthesis in Synchronized Cultures of Algae
Effects of illuminance near and below light saturation on the time course of photosynthesis in synchronized cultures of algae
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