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Microplate capture, rotation of the western Transverse Ranges, and initiation of the San Andreas transform as a low-angle fault system
Tectonic rotation of the western Transverse Ranges block is explained by capture of the partially subducted Monterey microplate by the Pacific plate at about anomaly 6 time (ca. 20 Ma). AsExpand
Community Fault Model (CFM) for Southern California
We present a new three-dimensional model of the major fault systems in southern California. The model describes the San Andreas fault and associated strike- slip fault systems in the easternExpand
Oligocene development of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet recorded in eastern Ross Sea strata
Seismic-reflection data from the easternmost Ross Sea image buried scour-and-fill troughs and flat-topped ridges interpreted as having formed by glacial erosion and deposition during the Oligo-cene.Expand
Structural and tectonic evolution of the Ross Sea rift in the Cape Colbeck region, Eastern Ross Sea, Antarctica
The far eastern continental shelf of the Ross Sea, Antarctica, has been relatively unexplored up to now. This region and western Marie Byrd Land are at the eastern limit of the Ross Sea rift, part ofExpand
Fault-related fold growth and isostatic subsidence, California Channel Islands
In the Northern Channel Islands of California, preservation of paleo-shoreline features both as uplifted landforms onshore and subsided depositional features offshore has allowed precise measurementExpand
Cenozoic tectonics of the Cape Roberts Rift Basin and Transantarctic Mountains Front, Southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica
We conducted a multichannel seismic reflection survey offshore Cape Roberts, Antarctica, and combined our findings with the results of the Cape Roberts International Drilling Project (CRP). ThisExpand
Oblique extensional tectonics in the Malawi Rift, Africa
The Malawi Rift is the southern segment of the western branch of the East African Rift System. There has been little agreement as to whether this rift is opening perpendicularly or obliquely to itsExpand
Evidence for a minimum 52 ± 1 km of total offset along the northern branch of the North Anatolian Fault in northwest Turkey
Abstract The North Anatolian Fault (NAF) splits into two major branches in northwestern Turkey with most of the present strain accumulation and Holocene displacement being along the northern branchExpand
Tectonic Regimes and Structural Trends off Cape Roberts, Antarctica
Over 250 km of multichannel (MCS) and high resolution single channel (SCS) seismic reflection data were acquired offshore Cape Roberts, Antarctica during the United States NBP9601 Ross SeaExpand
Uplift and subsidence from oblique slip: the Ganos–Marmara bend of the North Anatolian Transform, western Turkey
Abstract Bends that locally violate plate-motion-parallel geometry are common structural elements of continental transform faults. We relate the vertical component of crustal motion in the westernExpand