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Owners of the Map: Motorcycle Taxi Drivers, Mobility, and Politics in Bangkok
This dissertation offers an ethnography of motorcycle taxi drivers: Bangkok’s most important and informal network of everyday mobility. Drawing on over eight years of experience in the region, sixExpand
Burning Red Desires: Isan Migrants and the Politics of Desire in Contemporary Thailand
The Red Shirt movement, which reached its peak during May 2010, has been met with puzzlement and ambiguity by media and scholars in and beyond Thailand. Often presented as a one-man-driven movementExpand
Thailand's Relapse: The Implications of the May 2014 Coup
On May 20, 2014, the Royal Army imposed martial law on Thailand, with the declared purpose of restoring peace to the people. Allegedly, the military intervened to put an end to seven months ofExpand
Owners of the Map: Mobility and Mobilization among Motorcycle Taxi Drivers in Bangkok
In this article, I discuss the connection between spatial mobility and political mobilization among motorcycle taxi drivers during the 2010 protests in Bangkok. Through the study of their multipleExpand
Why do we read the classics?
Debates on the epistemological, ethical, and historical constitution of the anthropological corpus are one of the reasons why anthropology has always thrived. Whether in terms of the complex relationExpand
Framed by Freedom: Emancipation and Oppression in Post-Fordist Thailand
Based on ethnographic research conducted between 2009 and 2014, this article examines the discourse of freedom (‘itsaraphāp) among motorcycle taxi drivers in Bangkok and the practices, bothExpand
Designing Politics: the limits of design
What are the limits of design in addressing the political and/or when has design not been enough? A collection of thought pieces written by Theatrum Mundi’s Designing Politics Working Group followingExpand
The Sunta Best Graduate Student Paper Prize for 2012 Was Awarded to Claudio Sopranzetti for His Paper " the Owners of the Map: Mobility and Mobilization among Motorcycle Taxi Drivers in Bangkok."
th 2010, the Royal Thai Army deployed tanks and war weapons to disperse thousands of protesters who had taken over and blocked the commercial center of Bangkok demanding democratic election and anExpand
Red Journeys: Inside the Thai Red-Shirt Movement
Red Journeys is a firsthand account of the emergence and expansion of the red-shirt protests in Bangkok that took place in 2010. It traces the origins of the protest, focusing on the unique voices,Expand
The Dangers of Mobility