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In Situ Characterization at High Temperature of VDM Alloy 780 Premium to Determine Solvus Temperatures and Phase Transformations Using Neutron Diffraction and Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
New Ni-based superalloy VDM 780 Premium has been developed for higher service temperatures than the alloy 718. This paper describes the properties of this alloy by means of in situ neutronExpand
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Microstructure and high temperature transport properties of high quality epitaxial SrFeO3 − δ films
Abstract We report the high temperature electronic transport properties of SrFeO 3 −  δ epitaxial thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition on NdGaO 3 (110) substrates. The films show totalExpand
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Transport properties and oxidation and hydration kinetics of the proton conductor Mo doped Nd5.5WO11.25−δ
Surface exchange and diffusion coefficients of the protonic conductor Nd5.5W0.5Mo0.5O11.25−δ were obtained by means of conductivity relaxation experiments as a function of temperature, pO2 and pH2O.Expand
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High performance anodes with tailored catalytic properties for La5.6WO11.4−δ based proton conducting fuel cells
A new generation of anodes for PC-SOFCs based on catalytically promoted La0.75Ce0.1Sr0.15CrO3−δ (LSCCe) is presented. LSCCe is selected as the electrode backbone structure, due to its superior totalExpand
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Epitaxial films of the proton-conducting Ca-doped LaNbO4 material and a study of their charge transport properties
Abstract Ca-doped LaNbO 4 (LCNO) material has shown outstanding stability in harsh environments in combination with moderate proton-conductivity in polycrystalline samples at intermediateExpand
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Thickness-dependent transport properties of Sr4Fe6O13 epitaxial thin films
High-quality epitaxial thin films of Sr4Fe6O13 have been deposited on NdGaO3(001) substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The transport properties have been characterized by impedance spectroscopy.Expand
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Boosting the oxygen reduction reaction mechanisms in IT-SOFC cathodes by catalytic functionalization
A robust LSM-GDC composite was used as a backbone electrode for the infiltration of different catalysts, dispersed as oxide nanoparticles after firing. Catalyst candidates were screened usingExpand
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Functional properties of La0.99X0.01Nb0.99Al0.01O4−δ and La0.99X0.01Nb0.99Ti0.01O4−δ proton conductors where X is an alkaline earth cation
Lanthanum niobates with general formulas of La0.99X0.01Nb0.99Al0.01O4−δ and La0.99X0.01Nb0.99Ti0.01O4−δ (X = Mg, Ca, Sr or Ba) were synthesized via the conventional solid state reaction. SpecimensExpand
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Pulsed Lased Deposition of MIEC Sr4Fe6O13±δ Epitaxial Thin Films
This paper describes the preparation of hi gh quality epitaxial thin films of the mixed oxygen-ion and electronic conducting (MIEC) Sr4Fe6O13±δ material by pulsed laser deposition on single crystalExpand