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Pharmacological analysis of cyclooxygenase-1 in inflammation.
The enzymes cyclooxygenase-1 and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-1 and COX-2) catalyze the conversion of arachidonic acid to prostaglandin (PG) H2, the precursor of PGs and thromboxane. These lipid mediatorsExpand
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An international literature survey of "IARC Group I carcinogens" reported in mainstream cigarette smoke.
The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) currently lists 44 individual chemical agents, 12 groups or mixtures of chemicals and 13 exposure circumstances as "Group 1 human carcinogens".Expand
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The relative toxicity of compounds in mainstream cigarette smoke condensate.
  • C. Smith, C. Hansch
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  • Food and chemical toxicology : an international…
  • 1 July 2000
Many different in vivo and in vitro tests are currently used to assess the toxicity of chemicals and complex mixtures such as cigarette smoke condensate. In vivo tests include assays in rodents toExpand
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"IARC group 2A Carcinogens" reported in cigarette mainstream smoke.
As a follow-up to an earlier study on IARC Group I compounds, further efforts have been made to evaluate the international literature on cigarette mainstream smoke for reports on constituentsExpand
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Particulate and vapor phase constituents of cigarette mainstream smoke and risk of myocardial infarction.
On pharmacological and compositional grounds, cigarette mainstream smoke (MS) aerosol can be broadly categorized as consisting of the following constituents: carbon monoxide, other vapor phaseExpand
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Binding of a chaperonin to the folding intermediates of lactate dehydrogenase.
When Bacillus stearothermophilus LDH dimer is incubated with increasing concentrations of the denaturant guanidinium chloride, three distinct unfolded states of the molecule are observed atExpand
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Molecular cloning and expression of human myocardial cGMP-inhibited cAMP phosphodiesterase.
We have cloned a cDNA for a myocardial cGMP-inhibited cAMP phosphodiesterase (cGI PDE) from a human heart cDNA library in lambda Zap II. The open reading frame [3.5 kilobases (kb)] of cDNA cloneExpand
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IARC carcinogens reported in cigarette mainstream smoke and their calculated log P values.
Cigarette smoke is a complex aerosol of minute liquid droplets (termed the particulate phase) suspended within a mixture of gases (CO(2), CO, NO(x), etc.) and semi-volatile compounds. TheExpand
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Hormone-sensitive cyclic GMP-inhibited cyclic AMP phosphodiesterase in rat adipocytes. Regulation of insulin- and cAMP-dependent activation by phosphorylation.
In 32PO4-labeled adipocytes, isoproterenol (ISO) or physiologically relevant concentrations of insulin rapidly increased phosphorylation of a particulate 135-kDa protein which has been identified asExpand
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QSAR treatment of multiple toxicities: the mutagenicity and cytotoxicity of quinolines.
A series of 15 quinoline congeners were assayed for mutagenicity and cytotoxicity in the Ames test using strain TA100 bacteria. Statistical analysis of the data allowed simultaneous determination ofExpand
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