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Human3.6M: Large Scale Datasets and Predictive Methods for 3D Human Sensing in Natural Environments
We introduce a new dataset, Human3.6M, of 3.6 Million accurate 3D Human poses, acquired by recording the performance of 5 female and 6 male subjects, under 4 different viewpoints, for trainingExpand
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CPMC: Automatic Object Segmentation Using Constrained Parametric Min-Cuts
We present a novel framework to generate and rank plausible hypotheses for the spatial extent of objects in images using bottom-up computational processes and mid-level selection cues. The objectExpand
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Constrained parametric min-cuts for automatic object segmentation
We present a novel framework for generating and ranking plausible objects hypotheses in an image using bottom-up processes and mid-level cues. The object hypotheses are represented as figure-groundExpand
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Twin Gaussian Processes for Structured Prediction
We describe twin Gaussian processes (TGP), a generic structured prediction method that uses Gaussian process (GP) priors on both covariates and responses, both multivariate, and estimates outputs byExpand
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Semantic Segmentation with Second-Order Pooling
Feature extraction, coding and pooling, are important components on many contemporary object recognition paradigms. In this paper we explore novel pooling techniques that encode the second-orderExpand
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The Moving Pose: An Efficient 3D Kinematics Descriptor for Low-Latency Action Recognition and Detection
Human action recognition under low observational latency is receiving a growing interest in computer vision due to rapidly developing technologies in human-robot interaction, computer gaming andExpand
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Matrix Backpropagation for Deep Networks with Structured Layers
Deep neural network architectures have recently produced excellent results in a variety of areas in artificial intelligence and visual recognition, well surpassing traditional shallow architecturesExpand
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Efficient Match Kernel between Sets of Features for Visual Recognition
In visual recognition, the images are frequently modeled as unordered collections of local features (bags). We show that bag-of-words representations commonly used in conjunction with linearExpand
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Actions in the Eye: Dynamic Gaze Datasets and Learnt Saliency Models for Visual Recognition
Systems based on bag-of-words models from image features collected at maxima of sparse interest point operators have been used successfully for both computer visual object and action recognitionExpand
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Discriminative density propagation for 3D human motion estimation
We describe a mixture density propagation algorithm to estimate 3D human motion in monocular video sequences based on observations encoding the appearance of image silhouettes. Our approach isExpand
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