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Young children's understanding of other people's feelings and beliefs: individual differences and their antecedents.
Individual differences in young children's understanding of others' feelings and in their ability to explain human action in terms of beliefs, and the earlier correlates of these differences, wereExpand
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Sisters, brothers, and delinquency: evaluating social influence during early and middle adolescence.
Although a number of studies have shown that brothers are highly correlated for delinquent behavior, much less research has been conducted on sisters. We propose that sisters, like brothers, showExpand
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Sibling effects on smoking in adolescence: evidence for social influence from a genetically informative design.
AIMS Behavioral genetic research has suggested that sibling effects on smoking may reflect social rather than genetic processes. We utilize a genetically informative sample of adolescents to testExpand
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Sibling relationships from the preschool period through middle childhood and early adolescence.
Stability and correlates of individual differences in children's relationships with their siblings between early childhood and adolescence were studied in 39 sibling dyads, using home observationsExpand
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Adjustment in middle childhood and early adolescence: links with earlier and contemporary sibling relationships.
The relation of individual differences in internalizing and externalizing behavior in middle childhood and early adolescence to children's concurrent sibling relationships and their mothers' mood,Expand
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Young children's understanding of other people's beliefs and feelings and their connected communication with friends.
Links between experimentally assessed social understanding and naturalistically observed verbal communication between friends were investigated in a study of 38 young children. AffectiveExpand
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Sibling effects on substance use in adolescence: social contagion and genetic relatedness.
Prior research on sibling contagion for substance use has not attended to individual differences in the sibling relationship that may be influenced by genetic similarity. The authors utilizing dataExpand
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Temperament and language: Relations from toddlerhood to middle childhood.
This study examined contemporaneous and longitudinal relations between temperament and language in toddlerhood and middle childhood. Language was assessed using the Sequenced Inventory ofExpand
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Genetic and environmental influences on maternal and sibling interaction in middle childhood: a sibling adoption study
Genetic and environmental influences on maternal and sibling interactions were examined in 67 mother-child-child triads from nonadoptive families and 57 mother-child-child triads from adoptiveExpand
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Young Children's Conceptions of Transgressions with Friends and Nonfriends
The aim of this study was to investigate young children's conceptions of friendship and transgressions. A total of 48 preschool children were asked, in an interview, to cite reasons for theirExpand
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