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Two generalized rational models for forecasting innovation diffusion
Abstract This article demonstrates the development and use of two Generalized Rational Models I and II (GRM I and II) representing innovation diffusion. Specifically, the GRM II covers the same areaExpand
The Logistic Model
BRT model CV model MaxEnt model Probability of presence Predicted vs observed
Advances in Data Analysis
Advances in data analysis , Advances in data analysis , کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه علوم پزشکی تهران
An attempt to improve the forecasting ability of growth functions: The Greek electric system
Abstract The use of growth functions to forecast the parameters of large-scale systems is discussed, and the application of realted growth models to the Greek electric energy system is undertaken.Expand
Chaotic Modelling and Simulation: Analysis of Chaotic Models, Attractors and Forms
Introduction Chaos in Differential Equations Systems Chaos in Difference Equation Systems More Complex Structures Chaos and the Universe Odds and Ends and Milestones Models and Modeling IntroductionExpand
Analytic solution and estimation of parameters on a stochastic exponential model for a technological diffusion process
SUMMARY In this paper we examine the behaviour of a stochastic model that describes a technological diffusion process (continuously increasing process). Furthermore we obtain a solution for theExpand
A stochastic Bass innovation diffusion model for studying the growth of electricity consumption in Greece
SUMMARY In this paper a stochastic innovation di⁄usion model is proposed derived by introducing stochasticity into the well-known Bass model. The stochastic model is solved analytically by using theExpand
Topics on chaotic systems : selected papers from CHAOS 2008 International Conference, Chania, Crete, Greece, 3-6 June 2008
Chaos and Dynamical Systems Nonlinear Systems Fractals Chaotic Attractors Mechanics Hydrofluid Dynamics Chaotic Advection Chaos in Meteorology and Cosmology Bifurcation Hamiltonian and Quantum ChaosExpand
Comparing the Gompertz-Type Models with a First Passage Time Density Model
In this chapter we derive and analyse Gompertz-type probability density functions and compare these functions to a first passage time density function. The resulting Gompertz-type pdfs are mirrorExpand