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Chrominance-to-Luminance Ratio and Timing Measurements in Color Television
This paper presents formulas for the interpretation of the results of tests utilizing the modulated subcarrier version of the sine-squared pulse when both gain and delay inequalities are present.Expand
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Satellite FM television channel bandwidth
Influence de la bande passante sur la qualite technique, la disponibilite et la puissance rayonnee de signaux de television a modulation de frequence provenant de satellites de radiodiffusion. Expand
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Broadcasting-Satellite Coverage-Geometrical Considerations
Engineering studies of broadcasting-satellite utilization require the determination of such items as the coverage patterns on the surface of the earth ("footprints") of satellite spot beams, including the elevation and direction at which the satellite is seen, or, for interference study purposes, the antenna off-axis angle of interfering signals or, perhaps, the day and hour of solar noise increase ("sun-transit"). Expand
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The International Telecommunication Union and Broadcasting from Satellites - A Brief Review
  • C. Siocos
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications
  • 1985
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conducts a continuing and extensive activity with regard to the broadcasting-satellite service (BSS). First, in appropriate administrative radioExpand
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Statistical Principles intheSupervision of Technical Performance intheColor Television Network of theCBC
The paperdiscusses themethodusedbytheCBCto a)ascertain that thequality oflong-line transmissions ismaintained attherequired highlevel, andb)assist inthecontrol ofshort-term deviations oftransmissionExpand