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The Advent of Internet Surveys for Political Research: A Comparison of Telephone and Internet Samples
The Internet offers a number of advantages as a survey mode: low marginal cost per completed response, capabilities for providing respondents with large quantities of information, speed, andExpand
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Information and effort in contingent valuation surveys: application to global climate change using national internet samples ☆
This contingent valuation study investigates the issues of information access and respondent effort, and is based on a series of national Internet samples. The focus is on a split-sample treatment,Expand
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False alarms and missed events: the impact and origins of perceived inaccuracy in tornado warning systems.
Theory and conventional wisdom suggest that errors undermine the credibility of tornado warning systems and thus decrease the probability that individuals will comply (i.e., engage in protectiveExpand
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Weather, Climate, and Worldviews: The Sources and Consequences of Public Perceptions of Changes in Local Weather Patterns*
This paper analyzes the changes Americans perceive to be taking place in their local weather and tests a series of hypotheses about why they hold these perceptions. Using data from annual nationwideExpand
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Public support for reducing US reliance on fossil fuels: Investigating household willingness-to-pay for energy research and development
Abstract In order to reduce future dependence on foreign oil and emissions of CO2, how much would US households be willing to pay annually to support increased energy research and development (R&D)Expand
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Geoengineering and Climate Change Polarization: Testing a Two-channel Model of Science Communication
We conducted a two-nation study (United States, n = 1500; England, n = 1500) to test a novel theory of science communication. The cultural cognition thesis posits that individuals make extensiveExpand
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Reversing nuclear opposition: evolving public acceptance of a permanent nuclear waste disposal facility.
Nuclear facilities have long been seen as the top of the list of locally unwanted land uses (LULUs), with nuclear waste repositories generating the greatest opposition. Focusing on the case of theExpand
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Further Investigation of Voluntary Contribution Contingent Valuation: Fair Share, Time of Contribution, and Respondent Uncertainty
In the spirit of Randall's [Resource Energy Econom. 20, 197–206 (1998)] argument for focusing on mapping the performance characteristics of alternative contingent valuation designs and formats, theExpand
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A joint investigation of public support and public values: case of instream flows in New Mexico
Abstract Instream flow can be defined as the flow of water in its natural channels without diversion. Alone among the western US states, New Mexico (NM) fails to provide any mechanism for theExpand
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Craniometrical variation among South American prehistoric populations: climatic, altitudinal, chronological, and geographic contributions.
The independent contributions of climate, altitude, chronology, and geographic location of archeological sites to craniometrical variation are analyzed in a sample of 1,119 skulls from South America.Expand
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