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Review of morphometric measurements used in anuran species descriptions and recommendations for a standardized approach.
This study attempts to rectify this lack of methodological standardization for the measurement of morphological characters in anurans through an extensive literature survey of 136 species descriptions representing 45 currently recognized families of frogs.
Evolutionary Processes of Diversification in a Model Island Archipelago
An ongoing renaissance of species discovery is characterized and how a 25-year Pleistocene island connectivity paradigm continues to provide some explanatory power, but has been augmented by increased understanding of the archipelago's geological history and ecological gradients is described.
Amphibians and Reptiles, Luzon Island, Aurora Province and Aurora Memorial National Park, northern Philippines: new island distribution records
We report 35 new amphibian and reptile distribution records for two regions within the southern Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Aurora Province, central Luzon Island, Philippines. Together with results
The amphibians and reptiles of Mindanao Island, southern Philippines, II: the herpetofauna of northeast Mindanao and adjacent islands
It is suggested that the greater Mindanao faunal region possesses distinct subcenters of amphibian and reptile species diversity, and that until this area is revisited and its fauna is studied, the understanding of the diversity and conservation status of southern Philippine herpetological fauna will remain incomplete.
Did geckos ride the Palawan raft to the Philippines?
Aim  We examine the genetic diversity within the lizard genus Gekko in the Philippine islands to understand the role of geography and geological history in shaping species diversity in this group. We
Philippine Frogs of the Genus Leptobrachium (Anura; Megophryidae): Phylogeny-based Species Delimitation, Taxonomic Review, and Descriptions of Three New Species
It is shown that Philippine populations of Leptobrachium represent three distinct and formerly unrecognized evolutionary lineages, and each (populations on Mindoro, Palawan, and Mindanao Island groups) is described as new species.
Integrative taxonomy and phylogeny-based species delimitation of Philippine water monitor lizards (Varanus salvator Complex) with descriptions of two new cryptic species.
Two new species of morphologically cryptic monitor lizards from the Philippine Archipelago are described, nearly indistinguishable morphologically from V. marmoratus, and can be readily distinguished from their closest relatives (each's respective sister taxon, V. palawanensis and V. nuchalis) by traditional morphological characters.