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Environmental Complexity and Social Organization Sculpt the Brain in Lake Tanganyikan Cichlid Fish
Complex brains and behaviors have occurred repeatedly within vertebrate classes throughout evolution. What adaptive pressures drive such changes? Both environmental and social features have beenExpand
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Visual acuity, environmental complexity, and social organization in African cichlid fishes.
The authors studied the effects of habitat complexity and social organization on visual acuity in closely related cichlid fishes (the Ectodini clade). The authors quantified habitat complexity amongExpand
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Habitat Complexity, Brain, and Behavior
  • C. Shumway
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Brain, Behavior and Evolution
  • 1 October 2008
More complex brains and behaviors have arisen repeatedly throughout both vertebrate and invertebrate evolution. The challenge is to tease apart the forces underlying such change. In this review, IExpand
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Quantifying habitat complexity in aquatic ecosystems
Summary 1. Many aquatic studies have attempted to relate biological features, such as species diversity, abundance, brain size and behaviour, to measures of habitat complexity. Previous measures ofExpand
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A Neglected Science: Applying Behavior to Aquatic Conservation
  • C. Shumway
  • Biology
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 24 January 1999
Behavioral theories, insights, and techniques are too frequently ignored by conservation biologists. Yet an animal's survival and reproductive success clearly depend on its behavior. Using examplesExpand
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Plasticity in cerebellar tactile maps in the adult rat
We previously demonstrated that the fractured tactile cerebellar map within the crus IIa folia of the cerebellar hemispheres reorganizes after deafferentation of the upper lip in neonatal ratsExpand
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The evolution of complex brains and behaviors in African cichlid fishes
In this review, I explore the effects of both social organization and the physical environment, specifically habitat complexity, on the brains and behavior of highly visual African cichlid fishes,Expand
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