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Detection of the aromatic molecule benzonitrile (c-C6H5CN) in the interstellar medium
The discovery of benzonitrile (c-C6H5CN), one of the simplest nitrogen-bearing aromatic molecules, in the interstellar medium is presented, providing a chemical link to the carriers of the unidentified infrared bands. Expand
ALMA Detection of Interstellar Methoxymethanol (CH 3 OCH 2 OH)
We report the detection of interstellar methoxymethanol (CH3OCH2OH) in Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Bands. 6 and. 7 toward the MM1 core in the high-mass star-forming region NGCExpand
On Cosmic-Ray-driven Grain Chemistry in Cold Core Models
In this paper, we present preliminary results illustrating the effect of cosmic rays on solid-phase chemistry in models of both TMC-1 and several sources with physical conditions identical to TMC-1Expand
A deep search for the potential glycine precursor hydroxylamine (NH_2OH) using the Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (CSO) at λ = 1.3 mm and the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-waveExpand
Investigating the Minimum Energy Principle in Searches for New Molecular Species?The Case of H2C3O Isomers
Recently, Lattelais et al. have interpreted aggregated observations of molecular isomers to suggest that there exists a "minimum energy principle," such that molecular formation will favor moreExpand
Detection of Interstellar HC 5 O in TMC-1 with the Green Bank Telescope
We report the detection of the carbon-chain radical HC5O for the first time in the interstellar medium toward the cold core TMC-1 using the 100 m Green Bank Telescope. We observe four hyperfineExpand
Non-detection of HC11N towards TMC-1: constraining the chemistry of large carbon-chain molecules
Bell et al. reported the first detection of the cyanopolyyne HC_(11)N towards the cold dark cloud TMC-1; no subsequent detections have been reported towards any source. Additional observations ofExpand
Interstellar detection of the highly polar five-membered ring cyanocyclopentadiene
Much like six-membered rings, five-membered rings are ubiquitous in organic chemistry, frequently serving as the building blocks for larger molecules, including many of biochemical importance. From aExpand
Early Science from GOTHAM: Project Overview, Methods, and the Detection of Interstellar Propargyl Cyanide (HCCCH2CN) in TMC-1
We present an overview of the GOTHAM (GBT Observations of TMC-1: Hunting Aromatic Molecules) Large Program on the Green Bank Telescope. This and a related program were launched to explore the depthExpand