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Topical antiinflammatory composition containing piroxicam
PURPOSE: To obtain an antiinflammatory gel composition containing piroxicam. CONSTITUTION: This antiinflammatory composition contains an antiinflammatory effective amount of piroxicamExpand
Clear gelled cosmetic composition and its production
PURPOSE: To prepare a cosmetic composition for a transparent, acidic, gelled, antiperspirant and deodorant stick by enabling DBMSA(dibenzylidene monosorbitol acetal) of a transparent gelating agentExpand
Zirconium/aluminum antiperspirant agent and antiperspirant composition and product containing the same agent
PURPOSE: To obtain a new zirconium/aluminum glycine(ZAG)/active chlorohydroxide(ACH) antiperspirant substance capable of readily producing, having uniform chemical property and good stability and aExpand
translucent gelled cosmetic compositions and preparation procedure.
COSMETIC COMPOUND PRESENTED gelled STABLE, TRANSPARENT AND SUBSTANTIALLY ANHYDRIDE useful for preparing BAR deodorant and antiperspirants are substantially free aliphatic alcohols, monohydroxy LOWER.Expand