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Illegal primate trade in Indonesia exemplified by surveys carried out over a decade in North Sumatra.
The illegal and unsustainable trade in primates is increasingly recognized as an urgent threat to their conservation. From 1997 to 2008, 66 surveys were conducted at bird markets in Medan, NorthExpand
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Exploring cultural drivers for wildlife trade via an ethnoprimatological approach: a case study of slender and slow lorises (Loris and Nycticebus) in South and Southeast Asia
Illegal and unsustainable trade in wildlife is a major conservation challenge. For Asian primates, economic and cultural traditions, and increased forest access mean that trade may have becomeExpand
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The trade in bear parts from Myanmar: an illustration of the ineffectiveness of enforcement of international wildlife trade regulations
We assessed the effectiveness of national and international wildlife trade regulations in Asia by surveying four wildlife markets in Myanmar for bears and bear parts. Bears are protected in MyanmarExpand
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Over-exploitation and illegal trade of reptiles in Indonesia
1Oxford Wildlife Trade Research Group, Oxford Brookes University, OX3 0BP Oxford, UK 2TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, Unit 3-2, 1st floor, Jalan SS23/11,Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MalaysiaExpand
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Nowhere to hide : the trade in Sumatran tiger
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Where did all the pangolins go? International CITES trade in pangolin species
Abstract The pangolin is greatly sought after for its various body parts, largely driven by demand from China. The mammal has been driven to the edge of extinction in Asia, with two Asian speciesExpand
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Trade-driven extinctions and near-extinctions of avian taxa in Sundaic Indonesia
There is growing concern over the impact of commercial trade (for pets, food, ornaments and medicines) on animal populations in South-East Asia, and over the number of species being pushed towardsExpand
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Observations on trade in laughingthrushes ( Garrulax spp.) in North Sumatra, Indonesia
Summary The trade in laughingthrush species native to Indonesia is not carried out in accordance with Indonesian legislation and regulations. During 65 surveys carried out in bird markets in 1997–Expand
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The owl trade in Jakarta, Indonesia: a spot check on the largest bird markets
Introduction The bird trade in Indonesia is carried out on a large scale and is considered a threat to numerous species (Shepherd 2006, Metz 2007, Shepherd 2010). The trade, regardless of theExpand
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