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A novel surface texture for magnetic fluid lubrication
Magnetic fluid has many advantages when serving as lubricant. With an appropriate magnetic field this lubricant can prevent leakage and increase the load capacity of lubricant film. It can also beExpand
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Study on the Synthesis and Tribological Property of Fe3O4 Based Magnetic Fluids
In this paper, Fe3O4 based magnetic fluids with different particle concentrations were prepared by the co-precipitation technique. The size of the Fe3O4 nanoparticles is about 13 nm and their shapeExpand
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On the Magnitude of Cavitation Pressure of Steady-State Lubrication
The value of cavitation pressure plays an important role in the implementation of the mass-conservative algorithm. This is particularly crucial in applications that deal with analysis of surfaceExpand
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Effect of Dimple’s Internal Structure on Hydrodynamic Lubrication
An experimental and numerical study of the lubrication effectiveness of textured surfaces with dimples possessing an internal structure is presented. A fabrication method to create dimples withExpand
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Study on Static Supporting Capacity and Tribological Performance of Ferrofluids
In this article, Fe 3 O 4 -based ferrofluids (MFs) with different saturation magnetization (Ms) were prepared by the co-precipitation technique. The static supporting capacity of the differentExpand
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Thermocapillary Migration of Liquid Droplets Induced by a Unidirectional Thermal Gradient.
A liquid droplet placed on a nonuniformly heated solid surface will migrate from a high-temperature region to a low-temperature region. This study reports the development of a theoretical model andExpand
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Numerical optimization of texture shape for parallel surfaces under unidirectional and bidirectional sliding
Abstract A numerical optimization approach based on the sequential quadratic programming (SQP) algorithm is used to determine the optimum texture shape for generating the highest load-carryingExpand
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On the migration of a droplet on an incline.
A liquid droplet placed on a nonuniformly heated solid surface will migrate from a high temperature region to a low temperature region. The present study reports the results of an experimentalExpand
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Photoinduced electron transfer in conjugated molecules containing different donor in an external electric field.
Photoinduced electron transfers in different conjugated donor polymer containing with PC60BM as the acceptor (X3:PC60BM and X6:PC60BM) were theoretically investigated. A detailed theoretical analysisExpand
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Texture Shape Optimization for Seal-Like Parallel Surfaces: Theory and Experiment
ABSTRACT The geometric shape of surface textures has a major influence on the tribological performance of textured surfaces. This study aims to improve the tribological performance of seal-likeExpand
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