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Definitive diagnosis of early enamel and dentin cracks based on microscopic evaluation.
UNLABELLED The diagnoses of cracked teeth and incomplete coronal fracture have historically been symptom based. The dental operating microscope at 16x magnification can fundamentally change aExpand
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Natural tooth intrusion and reversal in implant-assisted prosthesis: evidence of and a hypothesis for the occurrence.
Based on clinical observation, a hypothesis of the mechanism of intrusion of natural teeth in an implant-assisted prosthesis is suggested. Engineering principles are presented that establish anExpand
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Patients' expectations for oral health care in the 21st century.
BACKGROUND This article examines trends in patient demographics and dental disease patterns. Data suggest the patient expectations about oral health are increasing, as is their knowledge of oralExpand
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Effect of bone density on the damping behavior of dental implants: An in vitro method
Abstract For normal healthy teeth the percussive energy generated by mastication is attenuated by the periodontal ligament at the healthy bone–natural tooth interface. However when the natural toothExpand
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Surgical cricothyrotomy performed by air ambulance flight nurses: a 5-year experience.
Limited information exists in the current medical literature regarding the performance of surgical cricothyrotomy by flight nurse personnel. We undertook a retrospective review of all flight recordsExpand
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What are the clinical limitations of wide-diameter (4 mm or greater) root-form endosseous implants?
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Psychodynamic factors contributing to esthetic dental failures.
Traditionally, dentistry has focused on biomedical and mechanotechnical approaches to patients' dental health care. Objective and quantifiable measurements, such as tooth form, occlusal function,Expand
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Ultrasonic tips for conservative restorative dentistry.
The SL Ultrasonic Tips provide a new option for specific microlesion indications. New designs are continuing to be developed and refined to help enhance the clinician's ability to provide qualityExpand
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Advantages and limitations in the use of porcelain veneer restorations.
Porcelain veneer restorations including preparations, impression materials, cast materials, refractory casts, handling of porcelain, the try-in, and the final luting are discussed. Techniques areExpand
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Tooth intrusion in implant-assisted prostheses.
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Numerous reports and surveys have been published on natural tooth abutment intrusion with implant-connected fixed partial dentures. The consensus of these publications was thatExpand
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