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Cholecystokinin octapeptide reduces ethanol intake in food- and water-sated rats
Examining the effect of peripheral injections of CCK-8 on voluntary ethanol intake fostered by the limited access procedure which uses food- and water-sated rats demonstrates that CCK -8 reduces ethanol intake even in the absence of hunger and thirst drives. Expand
Fetal, neonatal and adult expression of benzodiazepine receptor subtypes in human visual cortex.
  • D. March, C. Shaw
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • European journal of pharmacology
  • 19 May 1993
A role for age-dependent expression of benzodiazepine receptor subtypes in visual cortex development and neuroplasticity is suggested by microdensitometry of autoradiograms. Expand
Ethanol interactions with serotonin uptake selective and non‐selective antidepressants: Fluoxetine and amitriptyline
Ethanol dose does not interact importantly with clinically relevant doses of fluoxetine or low doses of amitriptyline administered chronically, and the deleterious effects of ethanol on memory, manual tracking, body sway, intoxication and sedation were not modified. Expand
Effect of cimetidine and ranitidine on the hepatic and renal elimination of nicotine in humans
The results suggest that the diminished nicotine total clearance in the presence of cimetidine could be important in assisting smoking reduction or cessation. Expand
Comparative Neurologic Effects of Diazepam and Suriclone, a Cyclopyrrolone Anxiolytic
Signs and symptoms of suriclone produced symptoms and signs qualitatively and quantitatively different from diazepam 10 mg, such as vomiting, unusual ocular movement effects, and difficulty walking, may be associated with clinical differences in toxicity. Expand
Kinetic and dynamic interactions of oral viqualine and ethanol in man
The deleterious effects of ethanol on word recall, manual tracking, body sway, and self-ratings of intoxication, sedation, and performance were not modified by the presence of viqualine. Expand