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A Resonant Micromachined Magnetic Field Sensor
The design, modeling, and simulation of a novel micromachined magnetic field sensor are discussed. The sensor uses an electrostatic resonator whose fundamental resonant frequency is modified by aExpand
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Analysis and Design of a Micromachined Electric-Field Sensor
In this paper, the design and experimental results for a novel micromachined electric-field sensor are presented. The operation of the sensor is based on chopping an incident field with a shutter andExpand
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Microstrip phase shifter using ground-plane reconfiguration
In this paper, a new reconfigurable microstrip structure is presented where line impedance can be actively controlled to induce phase shift on a transmission-line signal. Micromachining is used toExpand
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Delineation of semiconductor doping by scanning resistance microscopy
A new technique for the two‐dimensional delineation of P‐N junctions is presented using a scanning resistance microscope (SRM). The SRM uses a conducting probe to perform localized resistanceExpand
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Thin films possessing microstructure composed of isolated vertical pillars were deposited by glancing angle deposition (GLAD) without the need for subsequent etch processing. The GLAD technique usesExpand
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X-Band Tunable Frequency Selective Surface Using MEMS Capacitive Loads
A tunable frequency selective surface (FSS) based on slotted ground is presented. Tuning of the resonance frequency is achieved by using a metallic MEMS bridge over the slot. The bridge acts as aExpand
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Electric field sensor using electrostatic force deflection of a micro-spring supported membrane
An electric field sensor is shown which uses a micromachined micro-spring supported membrane as the sensing element. The sensing mechanism involves electrostatic force to deflect the membrane, and anExpand
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Micromachined electric field sensor to measure AC and DC fields in power systems
This paper describes a new type of electric field sensor fabricated using micromachining technology. This micromachined sensor is dramatically smaller than conventional field mills, possessing aExpand
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Lorentz force based resonant MEMS magnetic-field sensor with optical readout
Abstract A Lorentz force based resonant MEMS magnetic-field sensor with optical readout has been demonstrated. The sensor employs a micromachined resonant mirror that is excited by the Lorentz forceExpand
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A micromachined magnetometer with frequency modulation at the output
A novel design of a resonant magnetic field sensor and complete modeling of its behavior are presented along with a description of the experimental set up and results. The sensor output is a shift inExpand
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