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Sustainable utilization of woodrose-producing mistletoes (Loranthaceae) in South Africa
Pedistylis galpinii and Erianthemum dregei produce woodrose outgrowths at attachment points with host trees. In some rural areas of southern Africa, woodroses are sold as curios. The socio-economicsExpand
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UCLA liver transplantation: analysis of the first 1,000 patients.
Graft and patient survival rates for Black patients were higher than for any group. This may be due to the younger age distribution among Black transplant recipients versus other races at UCLA. GraftExpand
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A Continental-Scale Validation of Ecosystem Service Models
Faced with environmental degradation, governments worldwide are developing policies to safeguard ecosystem services (ES). Many ES models exist to support these policies, but they are generally poorlyExpand
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How do HIV and AIDS impact the use of natural resources by poor rural populations? The case of wild animal products
As a result of heightened financial and food insecurity, populations adversely affected by HIV and/or AIDS may be more likely to utilise wild natural resources to supplement their diet andExpand
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Pengelolaan sumberdaya hutan di era desentralisasi: pelajaran yang dipetik dari hutan penelitian Malinau, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
Proyek dengan tema “Pengelolaan sumberdaya hutan di era desentralisasi: Pelajaran yang dipetik dari hutan penelitian Malinau, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia” merupakan laporan teknis ITTO PD 39/00Expand
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Local Knowledge on the Uses, Habitat, and Change in Abundance of Multipurpose Mimusops Species in Benin
Multipurpose NTFP species typically experience higher harvest demand because of their multiple uses, which, when combined with unsustainable land use practices, may threaten population viability. WeExpand
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