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Mucilaginibacter rigui sp. nov., isolated from wetland freshwater, and emended description of the genus Mucilaginibacter.
A non-motile, rod-shaped bacterium, designated strain WPCB133(T), was isolated from freshwater collected from the Woopo wetland (Republic of Korea). Cells were Gram-reaction-negative, aerobic andExpand
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Spirosoma rigui sp. nov., isolated from fresh water.
  • K. Baik, M. Kim, +5 authors C. Seong
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal of systematic and…
  • 1 December 2007
A Gram-negative, yellow-pigmented bacterium capable of gliding motility, designated strain WPCB118(T), was isolated from fresh water collected from the Woopo wetland (Republic of Korea). Cells wereExpand
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Feeding by red-tide dinoflagellates on the cyanobacterium Synechococcus
We investigated the feeding by 18 red-tide dinoflagellate species on the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. We also calculated grazing coefficients by combining the field data on abundances of theExpand
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Acinetobacter soli sp. nov., isolated from forest soil
A non-motile and rod shaped bacterium, designated strain B1T, was isolated from forest soil at Mt. Baekwoon, Republic of Korea. Cells were Gram-negative, catalase-positive, and oxidase-negative. TheExpand
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Roseomonas frigidaquae sp. nov., isolated from a water-cooling system.
A non-motile, coccobacilli-shaped, pale-pink-pigmented bacterium, designated strain CW67(T), was isolated from a water-cooling system in Gwangyang, Republic of Korea. Cells were found to beExpand
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Hahella ganghwensis sp. nov., isolated from tidal flat sediment.
A marine bacterial strain, designated FR1050(T), was isolated from a sediment sample of getbol (Korean tidal flat). Phylogenetic investigations based on 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis showed thatExpand
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Glaciecola nitratireducens sp. nov., isolated from seawater.
A marine bacterial strain, FR1064(T), was isolated from a surface seawater sample collected off Jeju Island, South Korea. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences indicated that theExpand
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Algibacter aquimarinus sp. nov., isolated from a marine environment, and reclassification of Pontirhabdus pectinivorans as Algibacter pectinivorans comb. nov.
An orange-coloured, rod-shaped, Gram-reaction-negative and aerobic bacterial strain, designated KYW589(T), was isolated from seawater collected from Gwangyang Bay, Republic of Korea. The isolateExpand
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Amycolatopsis thermoflava sp. nov., a novel soil actinomycete from Hainan Island, China.
A soil isolate, which had been assigned to the genus Nocardia, was shown to have properties consistent with its classification in the genus Amycolatopsis. An almost complete nucleotide sequence ofExpand
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