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A review of low-intensity ultrasound for cancer therapy.
The literature describing the use of low-intensity ultrasound in four major areas of cancer therapy-sonodynamic therapy, ultrasound-mediated chemotherapy, ultrasound-mediated gene delivery andExpand
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Noninvasive monitoring of murine tumor blood flow during and after photodynamic therapy provides early assessment of therapeutic efficacy.
PURPOSE To monitor tumor blood flow noninvasively during photodynamic therapy (PDT) and to correlate flow responses with therapeutic efficacy. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Diffuse correlation spectroscopyExpand
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Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibition Modulates the Microenvironment by Vascular Normalization to Improve Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Efficacy
Background Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitors have shown only modest clinical activity when used as single agents to treat cancers. They decrease tumor cell expression ofExpand
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A Review of Breast Ultrasound
Frequent advances in transducer design, electronics, computers, and signal processing have improved the quality of ultrasound images to the extent that sonography is now a major mode of imaging forExpand
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Measurement and use of acoustic nonlinearity and sound speed to estimate composition of excised livers.
The acoustic nonlinearity parameter B/A and sound speed c have been determined for excised normal and abnormal human livers at 20-37 degrees C. These values are compared with analytic measurements ofExpand
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Quantitative vascularity of breast masses by Doppler imaging: regional variations and diagnostic implications.
Seventy-four biopsy proven breast masses were imaged by color and power Doppler imaging to evaluate vascular pattern of malignant and benign breast masses. The images were analyzed for vascularity.Expand
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Cerebral hemodynamics in preterm infants during positional intervention measured with diffuse correlation spectroscopy and transcranial Doppler ultrasound.
Four very low birth weight, very premature infants were monitored during a 12 degrees postural elevation using diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) to measure microvascular cerebral blood flowExpand
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Sonographic brightness of the flexor tendons and ligaments in the metacarpal region of horses.
Sonographic observations were made of the image mean gray scale (MGS) of the flexor tendons and ligaments in the left and right metacarpal regions of each of 10 clinically normal horses. In imagesExpand
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Ultrasonic absorption and dispersion in biological media: A postulated model
An integrated approach for the absorption of ultrasound by liquids and tissues is proposed from the solution of a one‐dimensional wave equation of propagation. The proposed model explains the squareExpand
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Fully automatic segmentation of the mitral leaflets in 3D transesophageal echocardiographic images using multi-atlas joint label fusion and deformable medial modeling
Comprehensive visual and quantitative analysis of in vivo human mitral valve morphology is central to the diagnosis and surgical treatment of mitral valve disease. Real-time 3D transesophagealExpand
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