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It is a biblical faith position that followers of the Christ should give away the bread they bake freely (Ecclesiastes 11:1-16, Matthew 5:38-42), rather than try to force your neighbour to accept it.
Reformational Christian Philosophy and Christian College Education
If there were an underground booklet profiling the “Presbyterian and Reformed educational institutions” that regularly hold discussions about Christian higher education, like one of those stapled
The pedagogical strength of a Christian methodology in philosophical historiography
The kinds of problem s intrinsic to historiography and to philosophical historiography in particular are compounded when the question must be settled on how to teach the history of philosophy. For
Dooyeweerd's idea of historical development : Christian respect for cultural diversity
La methode de pensee philosophique chretienne utilisee par Dooyeweerd pourrait etre caracterisee d'empirico-transcendantale. A partir des experiences humaines ordinaires, Dooyeweerd cherche a degager
How Should Christians Be Stewards of Art? A Surresponse to Nathan Jacobs
As a contemporary philosophical aesthetician, I come at the problem differently from theologian Nathan Jacobs with his realist philosophical credentials. My response to the question posed, begins by
Calvin Seerveld - Aesthetics Seminar (session 2)
"Stirrings of Scientific Aesthetic Theory in the 18th Century" Kant's attempt to give aesthetic a legitimate place among the sciences (continued) and Disputes in Hegel's Aesthetic Philosophy
A Christian mission of glocal culture within riven societies in God’s world
Globalisation today seems to be an implacable force at work trying to homogenise world cultures into the same format. Huntington’s well-known thesis sees a clash coming between Christian Western