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Nostalgia: content, triggers, functions.
Seven methodologically diverse studies addressed 3 fundamental questions about nostalgia and established that nostalgia bolsters social bonds, increases positive self-regard, and generates positive affect.
Self-Threat Magnifies the Self-Serving Bias: A Meta-Analytic Integration
Experiments testing the self-serving bias (SSB; taking credit for personal success but blaming external factors for personal failure) have used a multitude of moderators (i.e., role, task importance,
Assessment, enhancement, and verification determinants of the self-evaluation process.
The 3 major self-evaluation motives were compared: self-assessment (people pursue accurate self-knowledge), self-enhancement (people pursue favorable self-knowledge), and self-verification (people
Are normal narcissists psychologically healthy?: self-esteem matters.
Self-esteem fully accounted for the relation between narcissism and psychological health, and narcissism is beneficial for psychological health only insofar as it is associated with high self-esteem.
Odyssey's end: lay conceptions of nostalgia reflect its original Homeric meaning.
It is highlighted that lay people view nostalgia as a self-relevant and social blended emotional and cognitive state, featuring a mixture of happiness and loss.
Pancultural self-enhancement.
It is posited that Westerners and Easterners use different tactics to achieve the same goal: positive self-regard, because self-enhancement is a universal human motive.
Narcissism, Self-Esteem, and the Positivity of Self-Views: Two Portraits of Self-Love
The authors hypothesized that both narcissism and high self-esteem are associated with positive self-views but each is associated with positivity in different domains of the self. Narcissists
Self-enhancement and self-protection: What they are and what they do
We define self-enhancement and self-protection as interests that individuals have in advancing one or more self-domains or defending against negative self-views. We review ways in which people pursue
Music-evoked nostalgia: affect, memory, and personality.
Nostalgia was stronger to the extent that a song was autobiographically salient, arousing, familiar, and elicited a greater number of positive, negative, and mixed emotions.