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New hydroxystilbenoid derivatives endowed with neuroprotective activity and devoid of interference with estrogen and aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated transcription.
We have synthesized a series of new (E) stilbenoid derivatives containing hydroxy groups at ring positions identical or similar to those of trans-resveratrol and bearing one or two bulky electronExpand
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Electronic and magnetic metal–metal interactions in dinuclear oxomolybdenum(V) complexes across bis-phenolate bridging ligands with different spacers between the phenolate termini: ligand-centred vs.
A series of dinuclear complexes has been prepared in which two {MoV(TpMe,Me)(O)Cl} fragments (abbreviated as Mo; TpMe,Me = tris(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)hydroborate) are attached to either end of aExpand
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Reductive lithiation of alkyl phenyl sulfides in diethyl ether. A ready access to α,α-dialkylbenzyllithiums
Diethyl ether is a convenient solvent for the conversion of benzylic phenyl sulfides to the corresponding organolithiums by an uncatalyzed reductive metalation, while catalysis by naphthalene isExpand
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Contrasting chemoselectivities in the ultrasound and microwave assisted bromination reactions of substituted alkylaromatics with N-bromosuccinimide
Ultrasound and microwave assisted bromination reactions of various alkylaryls with N-bromosuccinimide, either neat or in water, shows diverse chemoselectivity. Thus, ring substitution occurs in waterExpand
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Hexane-soluble complexes of alkyl- and alkenyl-sodium compounds with magnesium alkoxides
Summary Unsolvated alkylsodium compounds are solubilized in hexane or methylcyclohexane by complexation with magnesium 2-ethoxyethoxide. The soluble species appear to have well definedExpand
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