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Industry Rents: Evidence and Implications
THE PAST FEW years have witnessed a renewed interest in the sectoral composition as well as the overall level of the economy's output. Evidence suggesting that the bulk of employment growth in theExpand
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At what price? : conceptualizing and measuring cost-of-living and price indexes
How well does the consumer price index (CPI) reflect the changes that people actually face in living costsa "from apples to computers to health care? Given how it is used, is it desirable toExpand
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The Productivity of Capital in a Period of Slower Growth
THE UNITED STATES has invested a smaller fraction of its gross national product in capital goods than almost any of its major international competitors in the 40 years since 1948. Over this sameExpand
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The politics and economics of public spending
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Recent inflation in the United States
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The public use of the private interest
According to conventional wisdom, government may intervene when private markets fail to provide goods and services that society values. This view has led to the passage of much legislation and theExpand
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Setting National Priorities
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The Consumer Price Index: Conceptual Issues and Practical Suggestions
A National Academy of Sciences Panel recently made a number of recommendations to the BLS for improving the Consumer Price Index, while also suggesting some cautions to be observed when consideringExpand
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