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Extremozymes--biocatalysts with unique properties from extremophilic microorganisms.
Extremozymes are enzymes derived from extremophilic microorganisms that are able to withstand harsh conditions in industrial processes that were long thought to be destructive to proteins.Expand
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Requirement of Caveolae Microdomains in Extracellular Signal‐Regulated Kinase and Focal Adhesion Kinase Activation Induced by Endothelin‐1 in Primary Astrocytes
Abstract : Endothelin‐1 (ET‐1) mitogenic activity in astrocytes is mediated by the activation of the extracellular signal‐regulated kinase (ERK) pathway together with the Rho‐dependent activation ofExpand
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Characterization of a heat-active archaeal β-glucosidase from a hydrothermal spring metagenome.
Thermostable enzymes are required for application in a wide range of harsh industrial processes. High stability and activity at elevated temperatures, as well as high tolerances toward variousExpand
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First Glycoside Hydrolase Family 2 Enzymes from Thermus antranikianii and Thermus brockianus with β-Glucosidase Activity
Two glycoside hydrolase encoding genes (tagh2 and tbgh2) were identified from different Thermus species using functional screening. Based on amino acid similarities, the enzymes were predicted toExpand
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The first recombinant human coagulation factor VIII of human origin: human cell line and manufacturing characteristics
Since the early 1990s, recombinant human clotting factor VIII (rhFVIII) produced in hamster cells has been available for haemophilia A treatment. However, the post‐translational modifications ofExpand
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Exploration of extremophiles for high temperature biotechnological processes.
Industrial processes often take place under harsh conditions that are hostile to microorganisms and their biocatalysts. Microorganisms surviving at temperatures above 60°C represent a chest ofExpand
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Towards a sustainable biobased industry - Highlighting the impact of extremophiles.
The transition of the oil-based economy towards a sustainable economy completely relying on biomass as renewable feedstock requires the concerted action of academia, industry, politics and civilExpand
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Characterization of two novel heat-active α-galactosidases from thermophilic bacteria
Two genes (agal1 and agal2) encoding α-galactosidases were identified by sequence-based screening approaches. The gene agal1 was identified from a data set of a sequenced hot spring metagenome, andExpand
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Extremely thermoactive archaeal endoglucanase from a shallow marine hydrothermal vent from Vulcano Island
Already-characterized microbial cellulases have proven to be highly useful for industrial processes, since they can withstand harsh industrial conditions with characteristics such as high thermo- andExpand
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Microbial biofilm formation and degradation of octocrylene, a UV absorber found in sunscreen
Octocrylene is a widely used synthetic UV absorber of sunscreens and found in several environments. Ecological consequences of the accumulation of UV filters are widely discussed. This is the firstExpand
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