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3D constraints on a possible deep > 2.5 km massive sulphide mineralization from 2D crooked-line seismic reflection data in the Kristineberg mining area, northern Sweden
2D crooked-line seismic reflection surveys in crystalline environments are often considered challenging in their processing and interpretation. These challenges are more evident when complex dif ...
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High‐resolution water content estimation from surface‐based ground‐penetrating radar reflection data by impedance inversion
[1] Mapping hydrological parameter distributions in high resolution is essential to understand and simulate groundwater flow and contaminant transport. Of particular interest is surface-basedExpand
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Characterizing Sagging and Collapse Sinkholes in a Mantled Karst by Means of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Sinkhole development created by diverse subsidence mechanisms (suffosion, collapse, sagging) constitutes the main hazard in most karst terrains. Precisely mapping the limits of sinkholes andExpand
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Bayesian frequency-domain blind deconvolution of ground-penetrating radar data
Enhancing the resolution and accuracy of surface ground-penetrating radar (GPR) reflection data by inverse filtering to recover a zero-phased band-limited reflectivity image requires a deconvolutionExpand
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Advances in 6C seismology: Applications of combined translational and rotational motion measurements in global and exploration seismology
Over the past few decades, the potential of collocated measurements of 6C data (3C of translational and 3C of rotational motion) has been demonstrated in global seismology using high-sensitivity,Expand
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The shallow elastic structure of the lunar crust: New insights from seismic wavefield gradient analysis
Enigmatic lunar seismograms recorded during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972 have so far precluded the identification of shear-wave arrivals and hence the construction of a comprehensive elastic modelExpand
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Combining amphibious geomorphology with subsurface geophysical and geological data: A neotectonic study at the front of the Alps (Bernese Alps, Switzerland)
Abstract In the vicinity of Lake Thun at the front of the Bernese Alps (Switzerland), we performed a multidisciplinary neotectonic study combining onshore and offshore geological data and geophysicalExpand
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A Numerical Model of the SEIS Leveling System Transfer Matrix and Resonances: Application to SEIS Rotational Seismology and Dynamic Ground Interaction
Both sensors of the SEIS instrument (VBBs and SPs) are mounted on the mechanical leveling system (LVL), which has to ensure a level placement on the Martian ground under currently unknown localExpand
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Ultra-shallow seismic reflection imaging in a region characterized by high source-generated noise
Coincident 30 Hz and 100 Hz ultra-shallow seismic data sets acquired across a sedimentary sequence in northern Switzerland are characterized by unusually high levels of source-generated noise (i.e.Expand
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