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eluting antibiotic bone graft substitutes for the treatment of osteomyelitis in long bones. A review: evidence for their use?
Despite continuous advances in surgical procedures and antibiotic therapies, osteomyelitis still remains one of the most devastating complications in trauma and orthopedic surgery. Treatment ofExpand
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[Periprosthetic and interimplant femoral fractures: Biomechanical analysis].
BACKGROUND The requirements for treatment of femoral fractures are increasing with the rising age of the patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate femoral stiffness and the fracture risk afterExpand
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Therapeutic Management of a Substantial Pelvic Aneurysmatic Bone Cyst Including the Off-Label Use of Denosumab in a 35-Year-Old Female Patient
Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC) are benign bone tumors, which are highly vascularized. The main course of treatment is curettage followed by bone grafting or cement insertion. Still recurrence remains aExpand
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Bone augmentation using a new injectable bone graft substitute by combining calcium phosphate and bisphosphonate as composite—an animal model
ObjectiveThe aim of this study was to create a new injectable bone graft substitute by combining the features of calcium phosphate and bisphosphonate as a composite bone graft to support bone healingExpand
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Nailing of Displaced Intertrochanteric Hip Fractures
Trochanteric femur fractures still represent major challenges with regard to prevention, treatment, and functional recovery. These challenges are magnified in unstable, displaced intertrochantericExpand
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The Use of Bone Substitutes in the Treatment of Bone Defects – the Clinical View and History
Bone has the ability to regenerate and remodel itself. In the clinic circumstances appear when bone defects do not heal spontaneously. These situations frequently result from trauma, congenitalExpand
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Interaction of Sheep Bone Marrow Stromal Cells With Biodegradable Polyurethane Bone Substitutes
Autogenous cancellous bone graft is often used in clinical practice to promote bone healing in large, critical-size defects. Bone harvesting has numerous drawbacks which calls for new alternatives.Expand
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A bioactive nano-calcium phosphate paste for in-situ transfection of BMP-7 and VEGF-A in a rabbit critical-size bone defect: results of an in vivo study
AbstractThe aim of this study was to prepare an injectable DNA-loaded nano-calcium phosphate paste that is suitable as bioactive bone substitution material. For this we used the well-known potentialExpand
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Bone tumours of the clavicle: Histopathological, anatomical and epidemiological analysis of 113 cases
Backround This retrospective study aimed to determine the frequency of bone tumours of the clavicle and their histopathological, anatomical and epidemiological characteristics in a large case series.Expand
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Rebound of Ankle Valgus Deformity in Patients With Hereditary Multiple Exostosis
Background: Temporary screw epiphysiodesis of the distal tibia is employed to correct ankle valgus deformity in patients with a wide spectrum of underlying etiologies. For patients with hereditaryExpand
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