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Systematic biases in functional status assessment of elderly adults: effects of different data sources.
Measuring functional status using specific instruments is an important part of geriatric assessment. These instruments, however, often rely on data sources different from those with which they wereExpand
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What is in a cause? Exploring the relationship between genetic cause and felt stigma
Purpose: Concern over stigma as a consequence of genetic testing has grown in response to the recent increase in genetic research and testing resulting from the Human Genome Project. However, whetherExpand
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Characteristics Of Likely Precision Medicine Initiative Participants Drawn From A Large Blood Donor Population.
A goal of the Precision Medicine Initiative All of Us Research Program (AoURP) is recruitment of participants who reflect the diversity of the US. Recruitment from among blood bank donors, which mayExpand
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Perceptions of molecular epidemiology studies of HIV among stakeholders
Background: Advances in viral sequence analysis make it possible to track the spread of infectious pathogens, such as HIV, within a population. When used to study HIV, these analyses (i.e., molecularExpand
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Ethical issues in HIV phylogenetics and molecular epidemiology
Purpose of review HIV phylogenetic and molecular epidemiology analyses are increasingly being performed with a goal of improving HIV prevention efforts. However, ethical, legal and social issues areExpand
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How Could Commercial Terms of Use and Privacy Policies Undermine Informed Consent in the Age of Mobile Health?
Granular personal data generated by mobile health (mHealth) technologies coupled with the complexity of mHealth systems creates risks to privacy that are difficult to foresee, understand, andExpand
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Public Mistrust: The Unrecognized Risk of the CDC Smallpox Vaccination Program
Phase 1 of the CDC's Smallpox Vaccination Program has foundered because of a lack of volunteers. However, despite the enrollment of fewer than 10% of the projected number of hospital employees inExpand
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A typology of community and stakeholder engagement based on documented examples in the field of novel vector control
Background Despite broad consensus on the importance of community and stakeholder engagement (CSE) for guiding the development, regulation, field testing, and deployment of emerging vector controlExpand
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I wanted it as soon as possible: a qualitative exploration of reactions to access to same-day ART start among participants in San Diego’s ART-NET project
ABSTRACT Rapid start of antiretroviral therapy (ART) is quickly becoming best practice around the world. In the US, programs exist to facilitate rapid ART start, but little is known about theExpand
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