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Metaphor and translation: some implications of a cognitive approach
Metaphor has been widely discussed within the discipline of Translation Studies, predominantly with respect to translatability and transfer methods. It has been argued that metaphors can become aExpand
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Political discourse very often relies on translation. Political Discourse Analysis (PDA), however, has not yet taken full account of the phenomenon of translation. This paper argues that theExpand
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Discourse and politics
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Annotated Texts for Translation: English-German, Functionalist Approaches Illustrated
This text presents a functionalist approach to translation as a framework for dealing with recurring translation problems in a number of genres. On the basis of illustrative sample texts, theExpand
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Third Ways and new centres - ideological unity or difference?
This chapter illustrates extratextual and intratextual aspects of ideology as related to translation with a case study, a policy document by Tony Blair and Gerhard Schroder, jointly published inExpand
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Politics as text and talk: analytic approaches to political discourse
Human beings are political animals. They are also articulate mammals. How are these two aspects linked? This is a question that is only beginning to be explored. The present collection makes aExpand
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Translation research and interpreting research:traditions, gaps and synergies
Despite differences, translation and interpreting have much in common. This volume focuses on aspects of conducting research into these two modes. It reviews recent developments and explores kinship,Expand
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Unknown agents in translated political discourse
This article investigates the role of translation and interpreting in political discourse. It illustrates discursive events in the domain of politics and the resulting discourse types, such asExpand
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Translation and norms
Translation norms are understood as internalized behavioural constraints which embody the values shared by a community. In the two main contributions it is argued that all decisions in theExpand
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Politics and translation
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