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Wntless, a Conserved Membrane Protein Dedicated to the Secretion of Wnt Proteins from Signaling Cells
Cell-cell communication via Wnt signals represents a fundamental means by which animal development and homeostasis are controlled. The identification of components of the Wnt pathway is reachingExpand
Structure, function and evolution of sex-determining systems in Dipteran insects.
Nature has evolved an astonishing variety of genetic and epigenetic sex-determining systems which all achieve the same result, the generation of two sexes. Genetic and molecular analyses, mainlyExpand
Bunched, the Drosophila homolog of the mammalian tumor suppressor TSC-22, promotes cellular growth
BackgroundTransforming Growth Factor-β1 stimulated clone-22 (TSC-22) is assumed to act as a negative growth regulator and tumor suppressor. TSC-22 belongs to a family of putative transcriptionExpand
Recombination and disjunction in female germ cells of Drosophila depend on the germline activity of the gene sex-lethal.
Gametogenesis in males and females differs in many ways. An important difference in Drosophila is that recombination between homologous chromosomes occurs only in female meiosis. Here, we report thatExpand