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Tissue transglutaminase as a modifying enzyme of the extracellular matrix in PVR membranes.
The findings demonstrate that in PVR membranes tTgase is present and functionally active, and appears to be related to the differentiation state of the RPE cells and their stimulation by TGF-beta2, a growth factor known to be increased in the vitreous of PVR.
Extraneuronal noradrenaline transport (uptake2) in a human cell line (Caki-1 cells)
Interestingly enough, uptake2 in Caki-1 cells and rabbit aorta is inhibited by cimetidine, quinidine and procainamide which are substrates of the renal transport mechanism for organic cations.
Vitreoretinal surgery: pre-emptive analgesia
It is concluded that LA alone or preoperatively in addition to GA provides the best comfort for the patient in vitreoretinal surgery.
Vitreoretinal surgery in intermediate uveitis.
The anatomic integrity of the retina, a good preoperative visual acuity, and a short preoperative duration of intermediate uveitis are the most important factors influencing the final visual results.
Metalloproteinase Stromelysin Expression in humanem retinalem Pigmentepithel (RPE)*,**
Stromelysin generally degrades important constituents of the ECM, which may induce the detachment of RPE cells from the basement membrane and initiate RPE proliferation and dedifferentiation.
Human Caki-1 cells are the first model for extraneuronal transport of noradrenaline (uptake2) which is based on a clonal cell line.
The human renal carcinoma cell line Caki-1 is the first clonal cell line known to express the extraneuronal transport system for noradrenaline, and it is shown that this model improves the efficiency of transport studies on isolated cells.
[All-trans-retinol (atR) inhibits expression of the metalloproteinase stromelysin in retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)].
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  • 2000
The dedifferentiation of RPE-cells may decrease intracellular atR levels, which could turn an inhibition of stromelysin gene expression to an increase and then release retinal cells from their cellular bond and therefore be one of the initial steps in the development of PVR.
Comparison of prednisolone 1%, rimexolone 1% and ketorolac tromethamine 0.5% after cataract extraction
Ketorolac tromethamine provides good control of intraocular inflammation after cataract extraction without the risk of a steroidal IOP increase, which was also not observed under rimexolone therapy.
The efficiency of the neuronal re-uptake of noradrenaline—and the inhomogeneity of labelling of an incubated tissue
In isolated vasa deferentia and atria of the rat, 90% of the spontaneous efflux of [(3)H]noradrenaline is subject to neuronal re-uptake, although the density of the adrenergic innervation is about
Efficacy and safety of hyaluronidase 75 IU as an adjuvant to mepivacaine for retrobulbar anesthesia in cataract surgery
The addition of hyaluronidase to mepivacaine for retrobulbar anesthesia in cataract surgery enhanced the safety of the surgical procedure due to more complete akinesia and quicker onset of complete anesthesia.