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Diversity of bacteria and archaea from two shallow marine hydrothermal vents from Vulcano Island
To obtain new insights into community compositions of hyperthermophilic microorganisms, defined as having optimal growth temperatures of 80 °C and above, sediment and water samples were taken fromExpand
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Exploration of extremophiles for high temperature biotechnological processes.
Industrial processes often take place under harsh conditions that are hostile to microorganisms and their biocatalysts. Microorganisms surviving at temperatures above 60°C represent a chest ofExpand
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A model on the regulation of 3alpha-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/carbonyl reductase expression in Comamonas testosteroni.
3alpha-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase/carbonyl reductase (3alpha-HSD/CR) from Comamonas testosteroni is a key enzyme involved in the degradation of steroids and xenobiotic carbonyl compounds. TheExpand
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Towards a sustainable biobased industry - Highlighting the impact of extremophiles.
The transition of the oil-based economy towards a sustainable economy completely relying on biomass as renewable feedstock requires the concerted action of academia, industry, politics and civilExpand
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The small serine-threonine protein SIP2 interacts with STE12 and is involved in ascospore germination in Sordaria macrospora.
In fungi, the homoeodomain protein STE12 controls diverse developmental processes, and derives its regulatory specificity from different protein interactions. We recently showed that in theExpand
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Extremely thermoactive archaeal endoglucanase from a shallow marine hydrothermal vent from Vulcano Island
Already-characterized microbial cellulases have proven to be highly useful for industrial processes, since they can withstand harsh industrial conditions with characteristics such as high thermo- andExpand
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Characterization of an extremely thermo-active archaeal β-glucosidase and its activity towards glucan and mannan in concert with an endoglucanase
A metagenome from an enrichment culture of a hydrothermal vent sample taken at Vulcano Island (Italy) was sequenced and an endoglucanase-encoding gene (vul_cel5A) was identified in a previous work.Expand
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Complete genome sequence of Thermus brockianus GE-1 reveals key enzymes of xylan/xylose metabolism
Thermus brockianus strain GE-1 is a thermophilic, Gram-negative, rod-shaped and non-motile bacterium that was isolated from the Geysir geothermal area, Iceland. Like other thermophiles, ThermusExpand
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Enrichment of anaerobic heterotrophic thermophiles from four Azorean hot springs revealed different community composition and genera abundances using recalcitrant substrates
DGGE analysis combined with a metagenomic approach was used to get insights into heterotrophic anoxic enrichment cultures of four hot springs of Vale das Furnas, Portugal, using the recalcitrantExpand
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