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A biostatistical evaluation of complications from mastectomy.
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Invasive carcinoma of the breast: Prognostic significance of tumor size and involved axillary lymph nodes
The clinical records were reviewed of 1034 patients who had invasive carcinomas of the breast treated with radical mastectomy at Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital‐Cancer Research Center betweenExpand
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Prognostic factors in Hodgkin's disease
The clinical records and treatment results of 163 patients with Hodgkin's disease, who were seen at Ellis Fischel State Cancer Hospital (EFSCH) between 1940 and 1971, were reviewed and analyzed. MoreExpand
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Quantification of two basic proteins related to a thymic hormone (LSH) and their occurrence in serum of normal and cancerous adults.
A quantitative assay for a thymic hormone (LSHr) was developed and utilized for biologic materials. The protein was isolated from tissue extracts or biologic fluids by precipitation with 20%Expand
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Clinical courses of Hodgkin's disease and other malignant lymphomas.
This is a retrospective and all-inclusive study of 163 patients with Hodgkin’s disease and 364 patients with other lymphomas who were admitted to a state cancer hospital from 1940 to 1971.All theExpand
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Peripheral lymphocyte counts and prognosis in malignant lymphomas.
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Major surgery in hodgkin's disease and other malignant lymphomas
This is a retrospective and all‐inclusive study of 527 patients with malignant lymphoma. A total of 178 major surgical procedures were carried out on 139 patients (an incidence rate of 18.4% for theExpand
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