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Emerging Electronic Partnerships: Antecedents and Dimensions of EDI Use from the Supplier's Perspective
The diffusion of network technologies and the developing interest in emerging organizational forms suggest that researchers ought to pay more attention to the development of "electronicExpand
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Information Processing View of Organizations: An Exploratory Examination of Fit in the Context of Interorganizational Relationships
This study uses Galbraith's information processing theory to examine the fit between information processing needs and information processing capability in an interorganizational supply chain context and to examine its effect on performance. Expand
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Power and Information Technology Research: A Metatriangulation Review
This study uses metatriangulation approach to explore the relationships between power and information technology impacts, development or deployment, and management or use in a sample of 82 articles from 12 management and MIS journals published between 1980 and 1999. Expand
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The Social Construction of Meaning: An Alternative Perspective on Information Sharing
We propose and examine an alternate function of information sharing, i.e., the social construction of meaning, and show that it facilitates interpretation in a social context. Expand
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Measuring Performance of the Information Systems Function
This paper reports a Delphi study followed by senior executive interviews aimed at determining the important dimensions and their measures for evaluating information systems (IS) function performance. Expand
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How Low Should You Go? Low Response Rates and the Validity of Inference in IS Questionnaire Research
We believe IS researchers can and should do a better of job of improving (assuring) the validity of their findings by minimizing nonresponse error. Expand
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Control Configuration and Control Enactment in Information Systems Projects: Review and Expanded Theoretical Framework
The control of information systems (IS) projects is a key activity for deployment of information technology resources and ultimately for value creation through IT. Expand
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Information Systems Backsourcing: Correcting Problems and Responding to Opportunities
Information systems (IS) backsourcing is a business practice in which a company takes back in-house assets, activities, and skills that are part of its information systems operations that wereExpand
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Forced coopetition in IT multi-sourcing
We introduce the concept of forced coopetition to describe the vendor relationships in IT multi-sourcing models. Expand
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Data exchange in interorganizational relationships: review through multiple conceptual lenses
This paper explores the theoretical underpinning of data exchange research, specifically Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), over the period from 1993 to 2002. Expand
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