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Rapid Remission of Graves' Hyperthyroidism Without Thionamides Under Immunosuppressive Treatment for Concomitant Autoimmune Hepatitis.
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[Organizational Impacts and Clinical Challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic on a Swiss Tertiary Internal Medicine Department].
The rapid progression of COVID-19 is an organizational challenge for all hospitals. To secure the patient overflow, the Department internal medicine of the University Hospital of Lausanne increasedExpand
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Severe hypercalcemia after a single high dose of vitamin D in a patient with sarcoidosis
Vitamin D supplementation in patients who suffer from sarcoidosis and are simultaneously at high risk of developing glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis can represent a dilemma in clinical decisionExpand
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An evaluation of the Swiss staging model for hypothermia using hospital cases and case reports from the literature
BackgroundThe Swiss staging model for hypothermia uses clinical indicators to stage hypothermia and guide the management of hypothermic patients. The proposed temperature range for clinical stage 1Expand
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[General internal medicine in hospital practice: the year 2013 put into perspective by residents].
2013 was full of significant advances in all areas of medicine, which may have an impact on daily practice in general internal medicine. From salt and water restriction in heart failure toExpand
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[Immersion pulmonary edema].
Immersion pulmonary edema may occur during scuba diving, snorke-ling or swimming. It is a rare and often recurrent disease, mainly affecting individuals aged over 50 with high blood pressure. HoweverExpand
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[Insulin, nitric oxide and the sympathetic nervous system: from crossroads to metabolic and cardiovascular homeostasis].
Epidemiological studies demonstrate an association between insulin resistance, hypertension and cardiovascular morbidity. Over the past decade, evidence has accumulated indicating that short-termExpand
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