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Structure of ice crystallized from supercooled water
The freezing of water to ice is fundamentally important to fields as diverse as cloud formation to cryopreservation. At ambient conditions, ice is considered to exist in two crystalline forms: stableExpand
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The Role of Carboxylated Carbonaceous Fragments in the Functionalization and Spectroscopy of a Single‐Walled Carbon‐Nanotube Material
The majority of carboxylic acid groups formed after treatment of a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) material with nitric acid are present on carboxylated carbonaceous fragments (CCFs) (seeExpand
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The Preparation and Structures of Hydrogen Ordered Phases of Ice
Two hydrogen ordered phases of ice were prepared by cooling the hydrogen disordered ices V and XII under pressure. Previous attempts to unlock the geometrical frustration in hydrogen-bondedExpand
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Mechanical reinforcement and thermal conductivity in expanded graphene nanoplatelets reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract Influence of reinforcements on mechanical and thermal properties of graphene nanoplatelets/epoxy composites is investigated. Amine functionalized expanded graphene nanoplatelets (EGNPs) wereExpand
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CO2 ice structure and density under Martian atmospheric conditions
Abstract Clouds composed of CO2 ice form throughout the Martian atmosphere. In the mesosphere, CO2 ice clouds are thought to form via heterogeneous ice nucleation on nanoparticles of meteoric originExpand
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How many amorphous ices are there?
Many acronyms are used in the literature for describing different kinds of amorphous ice, mainly because many different preparation routes and many different sample histories need to beExpand
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A second distinct structural “state” of high-density amorphous ice at 77 K and 1 bar
High-density amorphous ice (HDA), further densified on isobaric heating from 77 K to 165 (177) K at 1.1 (1.9) GPa, relaxes at 77 K and 1 bar to the same structural “state” with a density of 1.25 ±Expand
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Ice XV: a new thermodynamically stable phase of ice.
A new phase of ice, named ice XV, has been identified and its structure determined by neutron diffraction. Ice XV is the hydrogen-ordered counterpart of ice VI and is thermodynamically stable atExpand
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Stacking disorder in ice I.
Traditionally, ice I was considered to exist in two well-defined crystalline forms at ambient pressure: stable hexagonal ice (ice Ih) and metastable cubic ice (ice Ic). However, it is becomingExpand
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Raman spectroscopic study of hydrogen ordered ice XIII and of its reversible phase transition to disordered ice V.
Raman spectra of recovered ordered H(2)O (D(2)O) ice XIII doped with 0.01 M HCl (DCl) recorded in vacuo at 80 K are reported in the range 3600-200 cm(-1). The bands are assigned to the various typesExpand
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