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Merging the potential of microbial genetics with biological and chemical diversity: an even brighter future for marine natural product drug discovery.
Marine invertebrates and a growing number of marine bacteria are the sources of novel, bioactive secondary metabolites. Structurally, many of these compounds appear to be biosynthesized by polyketideExpand
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The cellular localization of dercitamide in the Palauan sponge Oceanapia sagittaria
Abstract. The isolation of a class of bioactive aromatic alkaloid compounds known as pyridoacridines from members of four phyla (Porifera, Chordata–Subphylum Tunicata, Mollusca and Cnidaria) causedExpand
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Subinhibitory Antibiotic Concentrations Mediate Nutrient Use and Competition among Soil Streptomyces
Though traditionally perceived as weapons, antibiotics are also hypothesized to act as microbial signals in natural habitats. However, while subinhibitory concentrations of antibiotics (SICA) areExpand
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Rationally designed dual inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase and integrase.
Bifunctional inhibitors were designed and synthesized based on 1-[(2-hydroxyethoxy)methyl]-6-(phenylthio)thymine (HEPT)a1 non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase (RT) inhibitors and diketoacid (DKA)Expand
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Pathogen variation and urea influence selection and success of Streptomyces mixtures in biological control.
Success in biological control of plant diseases remains inconsistent in the field. A collection of well-characterized Streptomyces antagonists (n = 19 isolates) was tested for their capacities toExpand
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Growth inhibition and apoptosis in cancer cells induced by polyphenolic compounds of Acacia hydaspica: Involvement of multiple signal transduction pathways
Acacia hydaspica R. Parker is known for its medicinal uses in multiple ailments. In this study, we performed bioassay-guided fractionation of cytotoxic compounds from A. hydaspica and investigatedExpand
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Natural products as leads for tuberculosis drug development.
New therapeutics are urgently needed to combat the immense disease burden of tuberculosis and related mycobacterial diseases worldwide. Natural products continue to provide leads for the developmentExpand
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Structure and cytotoxicity of arnamial and related fungal sesquiterpene aryl esters.
We report on the structure elucidation of arnamial, a new Delta(2,4)-protoilludane everninate ester from the fungus Armillaria mellea, and on the apoptotic activity of arnamial as well as theExpand
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