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Mapping and recontextualizing the evolution of the term Latinx: An environmental scanning in higher education
ABSTRACT The term Latinx emerged recently as a gender-neutral label for Latino/a and Latin@. The purpose of this paper is to examine ways in which Latinx is used within the higher education context,
Mapping and Recontextualizing the Evolution of the Term Latinx
The Complexity of the “x” in Latinx: How Latinx/a/o Students Relate to, Identify With, and Understand the Term Latinx
The usage of term Latinx has gained popularity in higher education settings. This study documents how 34 Latinx/a/o students relate to, identify with, and understand the term Latinx. Participants
Mentoring Experiences and Perceptions of Latino Male Faculty in Higher Education
While some higher education institutions attempt to help support and retain Latino students until graduation, these same institutions often neglect the experiences of Latino faculty members. The main
Tocayo Epistemology for Latino Males in Education
ABSTRACTTestimonios are used as a method to help understand and share the authors’ lived experiences as tocayos with society and the human world, and to create interaction between both of them. The...
A Case Study for a New Peer-Review Journal on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education
This case study sought to understand how college and university administrators and faculty perceived the need to create a peer-reviewed journal that aimed to support and create opportunities to publish research, policy, practices, and procedures within the context of race and ethnicity in American higher education.
“It Is Who We Are. We Are Undocumented”: The Narrative of Two Undocumented Latino Male Students Attending a Community College
Objective: The purpose of this narrative study was to document and explore the life experiences of two undocumented Latino students at a community college in Southeastern Florida. The research
Promoting Financial Literacy and Latino Males’ Success at Community Colleges
ABSTRACT Latino males across the country enroll in community colleges with the purpose of obtaining an educational degree, which could lead to accomplishing professional and personal aspirations.