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Traditional Thai medicine : Buddhism, animism, ayurveda
A Historical Review of Medicine in Pre-Modern Siam Theravada Buddhism and Medicine in Thailand and Eclectic Influences on Thai Culture and Medicine are reviewed.
Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China
This book discusses medicine in Buddhist Scriptures, translation practice, and popularizing Buddhist Medicine in China and Japan.
Toward a global history of Buddhism and medicine
The close relationship between Buddhism and medicine that has become so visible thanks to the contemporary ‘mindfulness revolution’ is not necessarily unique to the twenty-first century. The
Mixing Metaphors: Translating the Indian Medical Doctrine Tridoa in Chinese Buddhist Sources
A closer look is taken at the variations in the translation of the doctrine Tridoa in Chinese to argue that translation inconsistencies reflect not confusion, but a range of strategic translation decisions.
‘On Eliminating Disease’: Translations of the Medical Chapter from the Chinese Versions of the Sutra of Golden Light
A great deal of material that is highly relevant to the history of Indian medicine can be found embedded within Buddhist texts that were translated into Chinese over the course of the first
Fields of Merit, Harvests of Health: Some Notes on the Role of Medical Karma in the Popularization of Buddhism in Early Medieval China
It is argued that medical metaphors were central to how the doctrine of karma was explained to diverse audiences, that the translation of these ideas emphasized connections with indigenous beliefs and social practices and that medical karma encouraged the self-regulation of behaviour and thoughts in conformity with Buddhist ideology.
Encyclopedia of Thai Massage: A Complete Guide to Traditional Thai Massage Therapy and Acupressure
Book of encyclopedia of th Thai massage a complete guide to traditional thai massage therapy and acupressure, as an amazing reference becomes what you need to get.
The Buddhist Medicine King in Literary Context: Reconsidering an Early Medieval Example of Indian Influence on Chinese Medicine and Surgery
ç 2009 by The University of Chicago. All rights reserved. 0018-2710/2009/4803-0001$10.00 In most accounts of Chinese medical history, one reads of the transmission of Indian medicine to China in the