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New records of the lollipop catshark Cephalurus cephalus (Scyliorhinidae) from the Gulf of California, Mexico
The presence of neonates of C. cephalus during the winter season has not been reported in the literature; this suggests that the hatching season extends at least from winter to summer. Expand
New eastern Pacific Ocean records of Hydrolagus melanophasma, with annotations of a juvenile female.
Two new records of Hydrolagus melanophasma confirm the presence of this species throughout its known range in the eastern Pacific Ocean, from southern California, U.S.A., to Valdivia, Chile. Expand
Distribution of Dibranchus species (Pisces: Ogcocephalidae) from the Eastern Central Pacific and their relationship with environmental factors
The geographic and bathymetric distribution of the genus Dibranchus throughout the Eastern Central Pacific was analyzed, using historical distribution records and results from bottom trawlsExpand
New eastern Pacific Ocean record of the rare deep-water fish, Psychrolutes phrictus (Scorpaeniformes: Psychrolutidae)
A combination of traits and species distribution allow us to identity this specimen as P. phrictus, a benthic deep sea fish known from the eastern North Pacific that has never been reported off the Mexican Pacific coast; this new record extends the known southern most range by 1,733 km. Expand