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Experimental investigation of the elastic-plastic deformation of mineralized lobster cuticle by digital image correlation.
This study presents a novel experimental approach to the characterization of the deformation of a mineralized biological composite using arthropod cuticle as a model material. By performing tensileExpand
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Simulation of Electron Transport in High-Mobility MOSFETs: Density of States Bottleneck and Source Starvation
20 nm InGaAs-based MOSFETs are studied using dc and transient Monte Carlo simulations and self-consistent Schrodinger-Poisson solutions accounting for nonparabolic corrections. The latter simulationsExpand
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Influence of microstructure on deformation anisotropy of mineralized cuticle from the lobster Homarus americanus.
The exoskeleton of the American lobster Homarus americanus is a hierarchically organized nano-composite material consisting of organic chitin-protein fibers associated with inorganic calciumExpand
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Robustness and optimal use of design principles of arthropod exoskeletons studied by ab initio-based multiscale simulations.
Recently, we proposed a hierarchical model for the elastic properties of mineralized lobster cuticle using (i) ab initio calculations for the chitin properties and (ii) hierarchical homogenizationExpand
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Mechanical testing of different knot types using high-performance suture material
AbstractPurpose This laboratory study aimed to evaluate the loop security, knot security, cyclic loading resistance and load-to-failure rate of three different knot types with establishing a newExpand
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Spatiotemporal Self-Organization in a Surface Reaction: From the Atomic to the Mesoscopic Scale
Scanning tunneling microscopy data revealed the atomic processes in propagating reaction fronts that occur in the catalytic oxidation of hydrogen on Pt(111). The fronts were also characterized onExpand
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Fracture Behavior and Shear Resistance of Lobster Cuticle