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The Second Industrial Divide: Possibilities for Prosperity
* Introduction * Mass Production as Destiny and Blind Decision * The Corporation * Stabilizing the Economy * The Global and the Microscopic * The Pieces Repositioned: Mass and Craft Production AbroadExpand
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The Second Industrial Divide
This is a book unlikely to be read by historians. Or rather, they may read it, but in their capacity as citizens concerned as the book's subtitle puts it about "Possibilities for Prosperity." TheExpand
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Learning from Difference: The New Architecture of Experimentalist Governance in the EU
This paper argues that current widespread characterizations of EU governance as multi-level and networked overlook the emergent architecture of the Union’s public rule making. In this architecture,Expand
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Pragmatic Collaborations: Advancing Knowledge While Controlling Opportunism
This paper starts from the observation that firms are increasingly engaging in collaborations with their suppliers, even as they are reducing the extent to which they are vertically integrated withExpand
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Studied Trust: Building New Forms of Cooperation in a Volatile Economy
The understandings of individuality and sociability characteristic of modern liberal and sociological social theory are fatalistic about the potential for the creation of trust in economic relations.Expand
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A Constitution of Democratic Experimentalism
In this Article, Professors Dorf and Sabel identify a new form of government, democratic experimentalism, in which power is decentralized to enable citizens and other actors to utilize their localExpand
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Directly‐Deliberative Polyarchy
This essay by Joshua Cohen and Charles Sabel promotes visions of democracy, constitutionalism and institutional innovations which may help to open up new dimensions in the search for legitimateExpand
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Experimentalist Governance in the European Union: Towards a New Architecture
Acknowledgements List of Contributors 1. Learning from Difference: The New Architecture of Experimentalist Governance in the EU 2. Innovating European Data Privacy Regulation: Unintended Pathways toExpand
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Information exchange and the robustness of organizational networks
The dynamics of information exchange is an important but understudied aspect of collective communication, coordination, and problem solving in a wide range of distributed systems, both physical (e.g., the Internet) and social. Expand
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Contracting for Innovation: Vertical Disintegration and Interfirm Collaboration
Rapidly innovating industries are just not behaving the way theory expected. Conventional industrial organization theory predicts that when parties in the supply chain have to makeExpand
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