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Identification and molecular cloning of insecticidal toxins from the venom of the brown spider Loxosceles intermedia.
The venom of Loxosceles intermedia was investigated for the presence of insecticidal toxins active against Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepdoptera: Noctuidade), an insect that has caused great reductionsExpand
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Molecular cloning, expression and immunological properties of LiD1, a protein from the dermonecrotic family of Loxosceles intermedia spider venom.
The present report describes the identification and molecular characterization of LiD1, a protein expressed in the venom gland of the brown spider Loxosceles intermedia. LiD1 belongs to a family ofExpand
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The Loxtox protein family in Loxosceles intermedia (Mello-Leitão) venom.
We isolated cDNA sequences coding for dermonecrotic/sphingomyelinases factor proteins from the brown spider Loxosceles intermedia, here named Loxtox proteins. The amino acid sequences based on clonedExpand
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Characterization of the venom from the Brazilian Brown Spider Loxosceles similis Moenkhaus, 1898 (Araneae, Sicariidae).
Accidents caused by brown spiders (Loxosceles genus) are frequent in Brazil and are associated with dermonecrotic lesions and, eventually, systemic reactions that may be lethal. The major speciesExpand
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