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Neutron Spectral Measurements at ORNL
Bonner multisphere spectrometry was used to measure the neutron spectra at several representative working fields at the Transuranium Processing Plant of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). TheExpand
Mixed field peronnel dosimetry: Part 1, High temperature peak characteristics of the reader-annealed TLD-600
~ The high temperature peaks (TL peaks 6-7) of TLD-600 are known to have higher responses to high LET radiation than to low LET radiation. These high temperature peak characteristics were studied forExpand
The Development, Characterization, and Performance Evaluation of a New Combination Type Personnel Neutron Dosimeter
A new combination type personnel neutron dosimeter has been designed and developed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The combination personnel neutron dosimeter (CPND) consists of aExpand
Modification of neutron-induced hematopoietic effects by chemical radioprotectors.
Of the drugs orally administered, WR-168643 was the best protector with a DMF of 1.51, and spleen stem cell survival, which was performed only after intraperitoneal drug administration, provided no significant differences in dose modification factors. Expand
Neutron personnel dosimetry intercomparison studies at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory: a summary (1981-1986).
This report presents a summary and analysis of about 3450 neutron dose equivalent measurements reported for PDIS 7 through 12 (1981-1986) with emphasis on low dose equivalent sensitivity, accuracy and precision, and performance relative to accreditation standards for the basic types of personnel dosimetry systems. Expand
Summary statements from the Third Conference on Radiation Protection and Dosimetry.
The Third Conference on Radiation Protection and Dosimetry was conducted in Orlando, FL, on 21-24 October 1991 and subjects discussed included dosimetry accreditation programs, regulations, standards, compliance, advances in dosimeters and instrumentation, training, needs in metrology, and funding of dosimetric research. Expand
Radiation Dose from HPRR Gamma Rays
Personnel dosimetry intercomparison studies at the Health Physics Research Reactor: a summary (1974-80).
Six personnel dosimetry intercomparison studies using the Health Physics Research Reactor at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory were conducted between 1974 and 1980. These studies allowed participantsExpand