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Effect of compaction of roughage based complete feed on digestibility and rumen parameters.
Four rumen fistulated buffalo bulls (42m; 240-249 kg) were fed on four treatments viz. unground wheat straw (T1), ground wheat straw (T2), unground paddy straw (T3) and ground paddy straw (T4) basedExpand
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Evaluation of berseem based complete feed blocks in growing buffalo calves
Experiments conducted on green berseem based feed blocks significantly affected (P<0.05) the post-compression expansion (PCE) and durability of blocks. The PCE was lower (P<0.05) at 18% as comparedExpand
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Effect of Various Chemicals on Post Compression Expansion and Durability of Crop Residue Blocks
Crop residues namely, wheat straw, gram straw and pearl millet stovers were treated with 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 % NaOH, Ca(OH)) H2SO4and HCJ to study their effect on the post compression expansion &Expand
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Development and evaluation of Uromalt-20 as concentrate feed for growing cattle
Four experiments were carried out to determine the loss of weight and chemical changes during the germination of barley and to develop and evaluate Uromalt-20 as an animal feed. The weight loss ofExpand
Effect of feeding uromalt as replacement of mustard cake in the concentrate supplement of growing buffalo calves fed wheat or rice straw
Twenty female growing buffalo calves of about same age (11-12 months) were randomly divided into 4 groups of 5 animals in each. The animals were fed 4 different rations viz. (T1) wheatExpand