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Detection of Bilateral Symmetry in Complex Biological Images
The recognition of bilateral symmetry in simple dot patterns is reliably influenced by orientation. Performance is best when the axis of symmetry is vertical. We conducted two experiments toExpand
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“An Echo of the Multitude”: The Intersection of Governmental and Private Poverty Initiatives in Early Modern Exeter
On June 15, 1624, Dr. Robert Vilvane informed the mayor of Exeter by letter of his displeasure with the haphazard application of poor rates in the city. Vilvane, who owned property within the cityExpand
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Does Darwall’s Morality of Accountability Require Moral Realism? (And Would It Be Strengthened by Adding God to the Story?)
Stephen Darwall has developed an account of moral obligations as grounded in “second-personal reasons,” which was developed in conversation with early modern “theological voluntarists” who wereExpand
Poverty and Social Control in Early Modern England: Exeter, 1558-1625.
Poverty has always been, and continues to be, one of the most pressing social problems, and one to which a number of solutions have been proposed through the ages. The present work is an examinationExpand