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The relationship between manuscript title structure and success: editorial decisions and citation performance for an ecological journal
A poorly chosen article title may make a paper difficult to discover or discourage readership when discovered, reducing an article's impact. Yet, it is unclear how the structure of a manuscript'sExpand
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Editor and reviewer gender influence the peer review process but not peer review outcomes at an ecology journal
Summary Lack of diversity on editorial boards might generate disparities in editorial and peer review that contribute to gender and geographic disparities in scholarly publishing. We use aExpand
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Molecular Evolution of Immune Genes in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae
Background As pathogens that circumvent the host immune response are favoured by selection, so are host alleles that reduce parasite load. Such evolutionary processes leave their signature on theExpand
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Institutional Repositories: Exploration of Costs and Value
Little is known about the costs academic libraries incur to implement and manage institutional repositories and the value these institutional repositories offer to their communities. To address this,Expand
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Communication overload: a phenomenological inquiry into academic reference librarianship
Purpose – This study aims to provide insight on the meaning of communication overload as experienced by modern academic librarians. Communication is the essence of reference librarianship, and aExpand
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Gender differences in patterns of authorship do not affect peer review outcomes at an ecology journal
Summary There is a widespread perception in the academic community that peer review is subject to many biases and can be influenced by the identity and biographic features (such as gender) ofExpand
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Google Scholar and free or open access scholarly content: impact on academic libraries
This poster was presented at the 2013 Association for Library and Information Science Education conference in Seattle, Washington.
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Arizona Public Libraries Serving the Spanish-Speaking: Context for Changes.
Arizona is at the forefront of Latino population growth and political and racial politics. Three different factors could potentially influence the provision of library service to Latinos in the StateExpand
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Re-conceiving time in reference and information services work: a qualitative secondary analysis
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to use the sociology of time to understand how time is perceived by academic librarians who provide reference and information service (RIS). Expand
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Author‐suggested reviewers: gender differences and influences on the peer review process at an ecology journal
Summary Peer review is the primary method by which journals evaluate the quality and importance of scientific papers. To help editors find suitable reviewers, many journals allow or require authorsExpand
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