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Pectoralis major to scapula transfer for patients with serratus anterior palsy.
This work has shown that scapulothoracic stability is of utmost importance for shoulder function inasmuch as it offers a stable base for arm motion--mostly forward flexion. Expand
Scaphoid Reconstruction.
Scaphoid nonunions less than 1 year after trauma and no carpal malalignment can be treated with percutaneous screw fixation under fluoroscopic and/or arthroscopic guidance. Expand
[Continuous spinal anesthesia in patients of advanced age].
Periacetabular osteotomy by Ganz technique : preliminary results *
* From Serviço de Ortopedia e Traumatologia do Complexo Hospitalar da Santa Casa de Porto Alegre (SOT-SCPA-RS), Brazil. 1. MSc in Orthopedics (Unifesp), PhD in Surgery (FFFCMPA); Instructor,Expand
[Hemodynamics in cesarean section patients under peridural anesthesia].
Radiographic Evaluation of Patients Submitted to Percutaneous Fixation With Solid Screw for Distal Radius Fracture Treatment *
The technique was effective for the treatment of distal radial extra-articular fractures at 6 months, with a low complication rate; radiographic parameters values were acceptable and close to the anatomical ones. Expand